This is the magic quest for all late teenage men. Even some men in their 20’s have a hard timed finding the g-spot and many men even wonder if it exists. As a post written by a women, let me tell you that yes, the g-spot DOES exist.

The main problem and most common misconception is that the g-spot is really far inside. Men will usually shove 2 fingers up there until the hand stops them from going in any further and then they fish around and make a “come hither” motion with their fingers. This is usually followed by a fake orgasm for women because lots of ladies don’t know how to tell the guys that they’re way off.

Other truth is that the g-spot is only about 1 – 1 1/2 inches inside the vagina wall. It;’ very close to the exit of the vagina. When you insert your fingers, rub them up along the front, facing the belly button. You’ll feel a solid pubic bone and the it will curve away leading tot the cavernous vagina.

The g-spot is located before the bone bends, you’ll notice a spongy feeling spot about the size of a quarter, it’s usually round too. This is the g-spot. It;s not very big so you ned to be prudent when searching for it. It feels spongy and wet, not smooth and slick like the rest of the insides.

When you find this weird feeling spongy part, press it lightly and circle your finger over it slowly. Women like pressure better thenĀ a hard flicking of this spot. The gspot is not sensitive like the clitoris so you can feel free to press on it with more force them you would use with the clitoris. The reason that it is so sensitive is that it presses on the bladder which in turn somehow presses on the clitoris. This is like stimulating the clit from the inside.

It can also be compared to stimulating the man’s prostate gland from inside, although his is up the anus and hers is up that vagina, which is a good thing because if the g-spot were in the woman’s anus, you can bet that most women wild allow you to go near it! When enjoying foreplay, g-spot stimulation is really key to a good orgasm. It really gets the woman’s juices flowing.

Another really good suggestion is to use a g-spot vibrator on her as well. This will help her to feel better. You only need to insert it a little way and I would recommend that if you’re going to stimulate her g-sot with a vibrator, please let her position it because without knowing where you are inside, you’ll never hit the little spot inside her. Let her show you where it is or even better yet, stimulate her clit with either your tongue, finger or bullet vibrator and then let her move the vibrator on her own because this way she can please herself inside while you do it outside and you can watch her have a powerful orgasm, sometimes these orgasms are even better then sex.