Evolutionary biologist argue that we humans are not created to be monogamous, apparently, any animal with a very large testicles as a proportion of its body size is not created to be monogamous. To some extent, this argument helps explains the reason humans find having a single partner for life is difficult.

Prior to the arrival of the Internet, having extra marital relationship rely solely on instinctive personal chemistry being sparked off at work, or that sexy attached neighbor you fancy who also fancy you.  Now that the Internet is here, having an extra marital affair has been made much easier, just like the Internet revolution made a lot of other things easier from shopping online to communicating with far away relatives using Skype.
There are an awful lot of sites out there that helps married or people in a long term relationship meet attached or single people for relationship, usually of sexual nature. This type of sites are called married affairs dating sites. The popularity of affairs dating site is shocking to some sectors of the society who find it rather distasteful that websites that helps married people ‘commit adultry’ exist.

On a radio programme in the UK, advocates of wholesome family values were brought face-to-face with one of the operators of an affairs dating site, each side put their argument forward. If the author of this article was to adjudicate on the arguments, the representative of the affairs dating site seem to made the stronger argument.  Her winning argument was the fact that people are cheating on their partners already, affairs dating sites are just a platform that provide a services cheating spouses wanted.

Regardless of where you stand on the moral argument for affairs dating site, the fact is that they are here to stay and they are doing very well. If we accept the hypothesis of evolutionary biologist, we were not created to be faithful to one partner in the first instance. If you are to go with argument put forward by the Puritans, we may well not be created to be monogamous but we have accepted monogamy as better way to live and we should stick to it.  The Internet has definitely changed the faces of relationship forever.