This is my very first sex tip and although it may not seem like a tip at all, but I have to start off my new blog with this hot sex tip of the morning – have sex in the morning! Normally, we have sex in the evening or at night.

Sex in the morning is not common because we’re usually too groggy, we have to go to work, we have bad morning breath and maybe drool pasted to the side of our faces. As repulsive as these things sound, there is something so erotic about morning sex. Picture this: You wake up next to each other. You gaze into each other’s eyes.

There is something so raw and pure and human about looking at each other in this disheveled state of being. It’s like a romantic connection and even though dirty sex is great, sometime romantic, connective sex is really rewarding too. Chances are he will have a morning stiffy already, step 1 complete. Make sure you have lubricant by your bedside because at this hour in the morning, you won’t have much natural vaginal lubrication and you’ll be too dry. So put some lube on your vagina and then let him roll over you.

You’ll be still sleepy but the gradual feel of a rock hard penis sliding into your extra tight love hole will open you up like a flower in the morning. You’ll gradually enjoy the feel more and more as you soften on the inside and he hardens on the outside! Morning sex does not normally last very long just because the physiological reaction of the male laying down which means there is lots of blood in his penis and therefore, the sensitivity is heightened. He may ejaculate quickly, but it’s not his fault, it’s his body’s fault for being horizontal for the last 8 hours.

Morning sex is a really nice feel because you go from not being dry and your vagina feeling all rigid to a nice gentle massage where it softens and you can feel yourself becoming receptive to his erection. It’s a lovely state of being and you should really try having sex in the morning.