If you want to try kama Sutra positions but you can’t understand the complicated instructions in a book, you’re not alone. It’s a big turn off to sit there naked with your partner, on the floor, flipping through these pages, trying to understand what they are telling you to do. There is a picture but it doesn’t really explain too much most of the time.

I noticed that most kama Sutra books are more based on the writing of Kama Sutra rather then the instruction of it. If you look at the basis of the art, it’s an ancient Indian teaching so it makes sense that the books explain with words because that’s the way they are supposed to be. It’s a school, a teaching and you have to learn by reading.

I would take a kama Sutra class, but then what would that be like? A strange, uncomfortable room full of strangers sitting in very phallic positions. The the guys could get erections, and the ladies would snicker and it would be a very uncomfortable mess. Not sexy at all.

There is this very original site that has 3D images that you can rotate with a click of a button and you can really see what the position is supposed to be so that it’s very easy to replicate it. Check out the sexual positions for men here and there is also a page of the top sexual positions for women. Men and women both benefit from different positions and there is so many new sides here, so save your money and skip the sex book, just look at this site and you’ll be really impressed!