Ahh erotica, nothing gets the blood boiling like a steamy sex novel. It’s easy to watch an erotic moment on television but when you read it yourself, it gives the brain the opportunity to let imagination take the lead. When you can allow yourself to visualize the ideal man (or woman) it’s much more arousing then the pre-selected specimen you see on TV.

Short on time? Try a shorter sex story instead. Furthermore, these stories give you the ability to develop inspiration from the ideas portrayed on text, allowing you to take the idea and run with it giving you ideas to try new things.

Bondage stories are always fun, give your lover a pair of handcuffs and a whip, most often it will turn out something like this: Snap on the cuffs, a few lashes with the whip… now what? blow job, sex, done. To enjoy bondage story is very inspirational for newbies, it’s a secret personal tip and I can assure you from first person perspective, it really works! Sex toy stories are also really good because it’s literally a guide telling you how to use a sex toy. Much more fun then reading some guide in a store, that’s for sure!

Short stories are a tease, like fingering foreplay. Gives you enough to wet really wet then leaves you hanging. The perfect type to read before sex. Here is how I incorporate stories into my sex life: late at night, I’ll go to bed, wearing my silk thong which feel so smooth on my skin. I read a short story and get wet within minutes. When my man comes into the room, I’m primed and ready. The engine has been warming up for some time and we’re ready to go!

It’s the best sex when you’re already in the mood and your imagination is running wild. Sometimes I even imagine my man is one of the characters in the book with the exact features I love most. Fantasizing is so powerful, the finest aphrodisiac known to man (and women!)

Want to get busy? Here are some ideas on how to tantalize the senses, enjoy the wealth of stories right at your fingertips, no searching required! :)