The reality of prostitution is not as it seems in real life. The male fantasy is that the sex worker is a beautiful babe, lusty and horny for cock. She craves the cock and the reason she’s a prostitute is because she loves sex so much, she’s a sex fiend, a hot sex fiend and she’s done it so many times that she knows all the sex tips, she has the best advice. She knows how to please a man and she loves to make men feel good.

This is the sex fantasy of men everywhere. Here comes the reality. Most of the time, the prostitute is a sex worker only because she has no skills and has bad luck and can’t make a living doing anything else. It’s sad to say, but a woman would most likely rather be a stripper then a prostitute, but they aren’t usually attractive enough to be a stripper so they have to resort to prostitution. They are usually full of disease, cold sores, they are certainly not attractive.

It’s far cry from Roman times when prostitution was an acceptable career choice, and men everywhere would take advantage. The women were better looking because it was a socially acceptable profession. Somewhere along the easy, evolution changed the human species and it became a degrading act for women, but a sexual fantasy for men. The cross of these 2 opinions has really changed the industry, it’s illegal and now the women who do this are shady and shift, it’s a last ditch effort to keep living. Most women are under the threat of a scary pimp, it’s not a pretty thing at all.

The mystique of a prostitute’s sex tips is fleeting, does she really know good sex? not randomly. She usually lays there as the man thrusts away in whatever position he wants. She doesn’t care about his pleasure and he certainly doesn’t care about hers. This leads to the conclusion hat there is no lesson to be learned from a prostitute because she doesn’t care.

For some men the turn on is the cheapness of the whole thing, it’s a sexual fantasy of being as dirty as possible, just pure self lust. Pure selfishness. In this case there are no tips to be learned because he just wants to get off and not caring about he sex worker is part of the appeal. Some women might be turned on by this but the novelty would wear off eventually when every day is the same and she loses respect with all her customers.

Maybe we should get pointers from an escort, they are paid to please men, not always sexually but in a social way too. The better a man feels, the more the except will get paid and the more she is worth. It’s a double edged sword, but it’s a true reality, the next post just may be about tips from an escort, she would offer more the a prostitute.