Oral sex seems simple enough. All you need to do is lick, suck and flick with your tongue. The same pretty much applies to women and men. When doing oral sex, a tip to making it really satisfying and memorable is t use your hands. There are many ways to use your hands to add to the effect. You can do the obvious which is for men, put your finger inside the vagina to stimulate the g-spot while you lick the clitoris. Women love this and it’s an easy route to an orgasm. This should be the preferred position for cunnilingus.

There are a few other variations you should try because even through now matter how good a certain position feels, you’ll get sick and tired and bored with it after a while. The old saying goes “show me beautiful women and I’ll show you a man who is bored of sleeping with her”. Here are a few things you can do to make oral sex better.

1.) Grab the butt
When you squeeze and hold the buttocks, you can use them like a handle. You can thrust the hips higher up and then get your tongue deep in there. Use the butt as a handle to maneuver the hips for better reach.

2.) Grab the chest.
It will ankle her write with naughtiness. This is a very naughty, porn star like pose. It looks good on film so if you’re shooting a movie, then make sure you do this. When you grab upwards, it spreads these sensations all over the body making it more of a wholesome experience.

3.) Grab the feet.
This is just the opposite as the previous tip. When you hold the feet, it’s an erogenous zone for women so she will have her senses heightened. You can maneuver the feet and spread her even wider, giving you better access to her deepest reaches of her love hole. Holding the feet is also restraining which adds a bondage like feel to your foreplay.